Sweaty Betty


Sweaty Betty was facing their typical retailer challenge of falling sales following the annual summer trading peak. Keen to turn the tide and continue maximising on the rapid growth seen within the activewear sector during COVID, Sweaty Betty contacted Reward to discuss options for a Personalized Card Linked Offer (PCLO) campaign.

Their goal, to drive profitable sales from new and lapsed customer segments.


  • Sweaty Betty was able to access more than 310k target prospects who spent with activewear competitors from the Reward pool.
  • The targeted campaign drove brand new customer sales and prompted lapsed customers to spend with Sweaty Betty once again.
  • Not only were customers driven to spend with Sweaty Betty, but they were high-value, big-basket customers.

The results speak for themselves and far exceeded the objectives set up front;


Increased share of wallet


Customer return post­campaign

Minimum ROI target exceeded



  • Using historical transaction data derived from Reward banking partner programmes we were able to identify and target customers actively spending in the activewear sector but NOT with Sweaty Betty.
  • We also targeted customers who had spent with Sweaty Betty previously but had lapsed to key competitors.


  • Working with Sweaty Betty we co-created offers, agreeing appropriate incentives to lure customers from their traditional spending behaviour, shifting to purchase from Sweat Betty all without devaluing the Sweaty Betty brand.
  • Optimising offer rates to maximise ROI was key, so we designed a testing strategy to identify rates best suited to generate a customer response at each point in the buying journey.


  • The offer was presented to the targeted, and closed user group, through a series of marketing campaigns including fortnightly bank newsletters, banking websites and apps where Sweaty Betty was featured as a ‘top offer’.

“The results of the campaign exceeded expectations and we were especially pleased with our significant increase in share of wallet, considering the competition in the activewear market. The icing on the cake was a recognition of this collaborative effort at the Performance Marketing Awards in 2022.”


Sweaty Betty is a global activewear and lifestyle brand for women.

Since their founder Tamara got them moving in 1998, they’ve stood and run for both performance and style. Just take their Power Leggings -with technical fabric that sculpts and shaves time off your PB. Every 60 seconds, a woman buys herself a pair. That”s exactly the kind of HIIT interval they like.

Their on-the-go community treats every day like it’s made for moving, and they’re always pushing to do better too. Like crafting clothes from responsibly sourced materials and recycled bottles; caring for both your body and the planet.

It’s safe to say they’ve travelled far in the last two decades (and counting). They’ve grown from a small London boutique to an international brand, with a global web presence and over 150 stores and concessions in the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Asia.


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